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Signing off …

May 14, 2006

Image by Brother Fitzpatrick

After less than ten hours of live blogging 53651 hath received numerous offers and hath decided to sell on advice from Brother Draper. This despite repeated objections from Brother Calcanis whom Brother MacLeod enlightened with doth Glasgow kiss. Souvenirs of this momentous occasion are available at the 53651 store. Keep on smiling brothers and sisters for the revolution doth be digitized. Off to work on Web 3.0 with Brother Winer. See you in your future … once we finish creating it 😉


Our ranks grow daily …

May 14, 2006

Brother Malik doth what he doth best and deflects attention away from our intentions. As Brother Arrington spreads the good word in Europe, Sister Hunt doth lead a crack 53651 unit onto her home soil North of the border. Our ranks grow daily as we connect, share and inspire 😉

Brother Gillmor in need of our attention …

May 14, 2006

Tis many moons since Brother Gillmor walked off the reservation. Try as the elders might he doth refuse to see the link light and wanders alone in his cloud. RSS alone doth not contain the answers you seek Brother Gillmor. Brother Goldstein doth spoke of your forking. Return, return to the bosom of 53651 to rekindle our attention. Destiny awaits and she doth not await for long 😉

Brother Arrington rediscovers voice …

May 14, 2006

We always believe that things doth happen for a reason. Brother Arrington is lost in a foreign land where they doth speak with different tongues. When we find ourselves far way from home, all alone in a land that doth tests our very being magical things happen. Little did Brother Arrington realize before he embarked on this epic journey that it would serve to remind him that life is not about the destination but the journey. In a land where no one understands his voice he has doth rediscovered his own. As it was in the beginning 😉

Our time has come …

May 14, 2006

53651For millenniums the secret powers of 53651 has been passed down by word of mouth to the keepers of the meme. It was closely guarded and much prized … until May 11th 2006. Whether by accident, design or destiny Brother Koppleman's post has announced 53651 to the world. Instead of calling on the services of Brother Rubel to deny all knowledge of our existence we the keepers of the meme are now ready to tell our story. Our time has come to change the world.