Signing off …

Image by Brother Fitzpatrick

After less than ten hours of live blogging 53651 hath received numerous offers and hath decided to sell on advice from Brother Draper. This despite repeated objections from Brother Calcanis whom Brother MacLeod enlightened with doth Glasgow kiss. Souvenirs of this momentous occasion are available at the 53651 store. Keep on smiling brothers and sisters for the revolution doth be digitized. Off to work on Web 3.0 with Brother Winer. See you in your future … once we finish creating it 😉


6 Responses to “Signing off …”

  1. Ivan Pope Says:

    Brother Arrington is chuffed, I note.

  2. Says:

    2.0 for the sake of 2.0

    I often find myself coming up with new ideas for niche web 2.0 sites (been meaning to post more of them here, but it hasn’t happened yet), its just too easy. Do a mashup, target an audience maybe even throw in some revenue sharing, viola the next…

  3. Mary private blog Says:


    very sensible post

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  5. Michael Tim Says:

    I love your site!

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  6. nanettevance13278 Says:

    I for one welcome our new copy protection overlords. Click

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